Tyson Chandler has fracture in right leg

Tyson Chandler has a non-displaced fracture in his right leg, the Knicks announced.

The fracture is in his right fibula, but there is no ligament or nerve damage.

Chandler is out at least four to six weeks, the team said.

Ben Kopelman

Devastating news.

As vital as Carmelo Anthony is to this team, Chandler is the most irreplaceable, given the guys behind him. One would presume that Kenyon Martin’s minutes cap has to be thrown out the window, and that a guy like Cole Aldrich will see regular action. If last night was an example of how this team plans to play defense without TC, they are going to be in for a loooong 4-6 weeks.

Mike Woodson: time to earn that paycheck.

Harris Decker

As Ben said, this is just horrible news for the Knicks. Chandler is a key piece to their future and missing him for a month and half will be tough to overcome. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Knicks now try very hard to move a guard in return for a big. The trouble will be, now that teams know the Knicks are desperate, the asking price will be very high.

Sam Spiegelman

It’s a huge blow for the Knicks, who have already struggled to start off the season. The Knicks don’t have the luxury of depth behind Chandler, as the unproven Aldrich is listed as his No. 2. Aside from sliding Aldrich in — with an obvious drop-off in production — the Knicks could use an alternative lineup in which Andrea Bargnani moves to center. The same goes for Amar’e Stoudemire, who, of course, cannot play back-to-back games.

Regardless of the option, it is going to hurt a Knicks team that has not been playing very well out of the game. Hopefully, the team won’t dig itself into too big of a hole without its best defender.

Amit Badlani

Of course, my first thought when I saw this news was “Game over, man. Game over.” Chandler is the Knicks defense, so these next 4-6 weeks will be rough on that end.

On the other side, this will force Woodson to go with a smaller starting lineup centered upon Anthony at the PF and Pablo Prigioni starting at shooting guard. The Knicks saw a lot of success with this lineup last season. It will be interesting to see how Andrea Bargnani and Martin fill in at the center position in Chandler’s absence.