In case you missed it…

Carmelo Anthony responded to the rumors he’ll join the Heat with TMZ asking him outside a Steakhouse in Beverly Hills on Thursday.  Anthony’s response? “Nothing is legit until deal is signed.”  LeBron James has pleaded ignorance of the rumor during the finals.  >>>> Read more in the Daily News. 

Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher are heading out to L.A. to meet with Anthony, who seems determined to test the free agency waters in July. >>> Read more at ESPN. 

Anthony to the Heat is possible, but it isn’t plausible writes Rob Mahoney of Sports Illustrated. >>> Read more at 

Metta World Peace — the former Ron Artest — is going to coach a high school girls team in Los Angeles.  Artest played 29 games for the Knicks last season. >>> Read more in the NY Post.