J.R. Getting to the Line

Brian DiMenna

Pretty astounding piece of statistical noise by way of the great Tommy Beer. Honestly, J.R.’s been playing so well the last couple weeks it’s like something of a dream. It’s sort of disorienting watching this guy you were so convinced would just never put it all together, finally putting it all together in exactly the fashion everyone wished he always would. We can surely wonder what exactly flipped this particular switch, but I suppose it doesn’t much matter, it’s just nice that it happened.

It’s bizarre really, it’s felt like the Knicks have spent all year trying to convince themselves that Smith was better than he was. First, he was an All-Star, when he really wasn’t even close. Then, he was the Sixth Man of the Year when his performance really didn’t warrant it. All this only to find that out of nowhere, for one seven-game stretch, he’s playing like the best shooting guard in the game, surpassing the hopes of even his most delusional supporters.

I don’t know if J.R. Smith is really this good, but I sure hope he is, because it makes the Knicks a different and far more dangerous team.

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