Knicks acquire No. 57 pick

The Knicks have acquired the No. 57 pick of the draft from the Indiana Pacers (Wojnarowksi, June 26).

The pick was acquired for cash.


sounds like john mara is fed up and we have a different mara at the helm then during the good bye allie days, changes need to be made and gilbride should be at the head of the class.

i think fewell deserves another year because of the way the d held up with a pathetic o especially during the seattle debacle.

player changes need to be made without bias one way or another but purely based on talent and performance otherwise the changes will result in another lost season and a loyal fan base deserves better than that. 

its also time for the jints to get more aggressive and use the draft to their advantage by trading or moving up or down when they see the opportunity. 

manipulating the draft is one way successful franchises take advantage of less prepared teams and impose their will on the process, assuming of course that the jints are doing their homework on the draft and not just another unimaginative team that takes what falls to them and is satisfied, that attitude will not complete the rebuilding or replenish the talent needed to compete.

Bo Beck
Bo Beck

Reese should be packing his bags he has made 1 real contribution and that was Beason. Other then that his draft's have been less then impressive. And his free agent signings have been worse. You can only win with what is put out on the field and there isn't much talent being added.

FIRE REESE AND GILBRIDE! Yes the offense is broken and those are the two biggest reasons.



I knew the NYG's Sucked right After the Draft in April 2013...

i said a 0-7 Start, 6-10 final record....

and i Knew the REASON they Would SUCK, in 2013....


--- the Simply Fact, that REESE Gave-Up 2 Draft picks,

for a Guy that would Have to Be on the 53,

that would NEVER PLAY, says it ALL....


------- As a Writer You Know the Power of WORDs...

and the in between the Lines, MEANings they convey......

the Word " SUCKs "

is a IMMATURE word,

that 15 Year Olds use in HighSchool....

the Fact that REESE uses it,

is a VERY BAD sign for the NYG's....

he's SCARED, and scared GM's make Bad choices.....

2014 NYG's 7-9 !!!!!!!!!