Quote: Woodson on last nights win

“It was like the Knicks of old.”

-Mike Woodson after last nights win against the Nets

Harris Decker

As simple as this quote is, it is the truth. The Knicks came out firing last night and looked like the Knicks from one year ago. They fired threes at will, and scored both inside and outside. While it was against the Nets who have the unique ability to play no defense, it was a step in the right direction for the struggling team.

Chris Ward
Chris Ward

The next big thing Brrrroooooockkkk Neeeellllllssssooonnn



Scoring comes and goes for all players. Players get " red hot" and suffer "scoring droughts".

"Consistency" is usually the word applied to the difference between younger players and experienced vets. Even when your in a scoring drought- consistent effort in every aspect of the game is important.

Nelson might have gotten cold in the scoring column, but the effort in the other parts of the game were always solid.