TheKnicksBlog Podcast: Film critic Ben Lyons stops by

Anthony Donahue and Moke Hamilton discuss Melo’s new physique, along with his recent comments about contending for a title in 2015. Plus, the guys welcome film critic Ben Lyons into the studio for his take on the death of Robin Williams, and everything surrounding the New York Knicks.

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For the show rundown, click here...
  • Melo doesn’t expect to win title in 2015
  • Film Critic Ben Lyons stops by the studio (17:30)
    • – Robin Williams’ death
    • – Melo re-signs
    • – Phil’s moves
    • – ESPN predicts Knicks will win 37 again
    • – LA Lakers talk
  • Team USA
  • Knicks trade Ellington and Tyler for Outlaw and Acy (34:30)

We’re opening up the TKB Podcast Mailbag for next week’s show. Use the hashtag #TKBPodcast for any questions you have for Anthony and Moke.


So, if Carmelo is going to be playing the 3, then that would mean less time for the other SG (J.R., Shump, Tim) not in the regular rotation, and also more time for the lesser of 2 evils (Stat, Bargnani) at PF? 


If there is no trades made I believe were going to see Iman, and J.R getting minutes at the one.