TheKnicksBlog Podcast: Mitch Lawrence calls in

On this week’s show – Moke Hamilton and Harris Decker discuss the Knicks’ dreadful loss to the Milwaukee Bucks. The guys also welcome the Daily News’ Mitch Lawrence to the show for his take on Raymond Felton, Lance Stephenson, and Andrew Bynum.

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For the show rundown, click here...

  • Moke and Harris say hello
  • The Knicks lost to the Bucks
  • Daily News’ Mitch Lawrence joins the show (6:45)
    • Raymond Felton
    • Kyle Lowry
    • Pacers / Heat dominate East
    • Lance Stephenson’s All-Star snub
  • All-Star snub talk (20:37)
  • David Stern retires (27:15)
  • Around the League
    • Jason Kidd wins coach honors
    • Kyle Lowry’s play on the court
  • Moke and Harris say goodbye


Bitch Lawrence is the worst Knick writer in history.I did like the insight on Kyrie Irving wanting to come here ,that is great news.The Knicks should have Cleveland number on auto dial trying to make something happen.


@sir_manolo   4/5ths of the starting line-up against the Blazers scored a TOTAL of 14 points; how can Woodson not make a change ?....if he doesn't, please let the Denver game be his last. I also believe that making a change at coach, even one of their own, the Knicks will go off on a winning streak....a fresh voice and start is needed now......just like they did when D'Antoni was replaced by Woodson.


@SuperDuper  That's not even his biggest flaw as far as i'm concerned. Guy just doesn't seem to know much about basketball. Doesn't seem to have sources in the league. His writing is mostly fluff pieces. Guy doesn't really provide much insight.