TheKnicksBlog Podcast: Trade deadline show

On this week’s show – Moke Hamilton and Harris Decker discuss some potential trade deadline deals for the Knicks. The guys also welcome Steve Popper of The Record to the show for his take on Carmelo Anthony’s future in New York.

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For the show rundown, click here...

  • Moke and Harris say hello
  • The trade winds are swirling
  • Steve Popper of The Record joins the show (11:20)
    • Knicks trade possibilities
    • Melo’s future with the team
    • Grunwald’s ouster / Mills’ hiring
    • Will Mills make a deal?
  • Tuesday night’s loss to Memphis
  • It’s time for Tim Hardaway Jr. to shine!
  • Iman Shumpert is on the block
  • TheKnicksBlog Mailbag (30:45)
    • Trade Proposals
    • Defense -> Success
    • Lineup change
  • Around the League
    • Blake Griffin
    • Miami Heat
  • Moke and Harris say goodbye


Just listened to the 42 minute cast. Some interesting thoughts, specially Moke championing Teague.  I would suggest outlining the show, (it's a heck of a ramble) and editing it down to 20 minutes tops. I was ready to bail when the introduction was a 2:12 seconds..think of these casts like a good article, well structured, edited, researched, with a poignant recap before you exit.

Good stuff though…thanks

Dev Rangam
Dev Rangam

Can we at least fire Woody after we make no moves?


So the Nets have a disabled player exemption. What exactly do we have for Bargnani?



You have to apply for the exception before January 17th, I believe and the player has to be certified out for the year by an impartial doctor. That's why we don't have one.


I actually listen to it .....i find it entertaining