Woodson: ‘I don’t really care what people think about Melo’

Originally posted on ZagsBlog.com:

Mike Woodson gave perhaps his most staunch defense ever of Carmelo Anthony on Wednesday.

Responding to a question about critics of Anthony, Woodson said: “Me personally, I don’t really care about what other people think about Carmelo Anthony because those people are not around Carmelo every day. I see Carmelo pretty much every day. I see his teammates every day. And I know the work that the young man has put in as a player.

“And a lot of these people probably never played basketball in their life and they make these comments about Melo and not being committed and they don’t think this and think that. Well, I think Carmelo is damn committed and he’s been that way since I’ve taken over the team, and that’s the only thing I can judge him by. And I like everything about him. I think his teammates love him. I think the…

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