If you Want to Start your Search for the Next Knicks Coach….

Do us all a favor and make some sense about it.

Use the guide.

And allow me to point out that this exercise is moot as Mike D’Antoni isn’t going anywhere. But if you must fine.

If you want Mark Jackson or Patrick Ewing you’re probably believing that an ex-Knick is somehow going to restore some sense of pride here and start playing “old-school” Knicks basketball. Why not bring back Al Bianchi.

Jeff Van Gundy, who would be my personal selection had he not skipped town, has no shot at getting the job because of a strained relationship with the owner. But JVG is a cerebral guy and knew that when he left here.

Time to move on people.

I like the idea of George Karl assuming he’s healthy and his contract situation works itself out to where he can leave, but I’ve done a little research based on guys who I think could be solid fits. The research you should use would be what kind of personnel the team has and what kind of new style are you trying to fit. You want defense, then look at a team who has an assistant coach with a resume of working with great defensive minds. Not just one who sits on a bench for a legend (See Jim Cleamons)…

If D’Antoni were to eventually go it’s because the system didn’t work in the Eastern Conference. So you’d have to look for someone with Eastern Conference pedigree or one who practices an Eastern Conference-type style in the West. A guy like Elston Turner perhaps.

Remember this is New York, so if you hire a guy for his first job, you better protect him with the proper people around him as this city will eat you alive.

But I also look at a guy like Jeff Bizdelik, who’s had his struggles in Colorado as both the coach of the Nuggets and the Buffalo, but he transformed Air Force into a real force and is a former Knicks scout who worked under Pat Riley in the 90s and again with the Heat. I like him and am interested to see what he can do in his first year at Wake Forest.

Again, this is the beginning of a “Search committee” so feel free to abide by the guidelines and leave suggestions and reasons below.

Just don’t expect D’Antoni to be going anywhere anytime soon.