Sergio Sits…For Now

With his solid play, Toney Douglas has grabbed control of the starting point guard spot. It appears that Mike D’Antoni is willing to live with the rookie’s mistakes, highlighted by yesterday’s last few minutes. To summarize, Douglas committed to his drive and was exposed by Jared Jeffries.

In doing so, D’Antoni has turned to Chris Duhon to apparently sure up the back up minutes, mainly because Sergio Rodriguez has the tendency to cough the ball up.

Case in point was the game against Atlanta, the last game S-Rod played 20+ minutes, he turned the ball over 6 times. Since joining the Knicks at the deadline, Sergio has 57 assists and 32 turnovers.

He’s young and I like the way he plays at a fast speed, but you can’t turn it over that much.

Obviously, Duhon is plugged back in because of injuries, but Rodriguez hasn’t overly impressed and he has been given the opportunity. If he wants back in the lineup, and he should be given more time to be evaluated, he has to value the basketball.