The One Where Tommy Holds Himself Accountable

I feel like I should apologize based on the fact that watching this team during camp and preseason led me to believe that they were working on building something.

Talking to players and coaches, it seemed that everyone was on the same page and motivated.

They aren’t.

I’m not dumb, but this team so far has made me feel that way because the energy and effort in practice and the togetherness seemed genuine.

This is not the coach’s fault or management’s. The direction of the franchise is clear and most all of you reading the site were down with the plan. At that point any plan would have done, but they have to protect everything about 2010. Coach D’Antoni has coached defense in practice, and when someone like Chris Broussard of ESPN talks about the league laughing at the Knicks and their coach because defense isn’t stressed. Actually, that joke is on him. Where were you during training camp and early in the season, Chris? Not in the gym that’s for sure. But in fairness, the Knicks are the laughing stock of the league and not one veteran, it seems,  has the pride to want to change that.

What we have here is a team where no one has any interest in leading. Instead they run and hide and pretend to play with passion for the city. Like they care. They are all paid, and need to act like professionals. not professional phonies.

Or else play the young kids, heck if you’re going to lose, get them some experience.

This is about the players, this is about the people who have to execute on the floor. It’s not about the coach yelling or Rudy-esque motivational speeches. We’re way past that, and players don’t need those. Ever see Phil Jackson’s pregame chats? ZZZZzzzz.

It’s unreal how big the basket seems for the other team. I mean Jodie Meeks?  Good college player, but come on. Ridenour? And on and on.

This is the NBA, with REAL NBA players who have the ability to expose and capitalize on confidence. It seems that every team sees the Knicks as a W and the bad teams can’t let those precious opportunities pass this early in the season.

Except the Knicks, of course.

This doesn’t mean, by any stretch, that I’m giving up on the season. I just hope that the players somehow show the fans that they haven’t already.