Mike Bibby Taking Advantage of Opportunity

Stomach bug or no stomach bug, Davis has struggled all season long. He has in no way, shape, or form come close to the player the Knicks had hoped he’d be. Not only does he struggle to keep up with the league’s quicker and younger guards defensively, but Davis has seemingly lost all zip in his offensive game.
It’s been mentioned before, too. Davis’ jump shot is completely and utterly flat, and he is no longer able to finish at the basket effectively. Lacking such simple offensive skills, the only way the veteran can help the Knicks succeed is to use his smarts, play fundamentally well, and get his teammates the ball in the most opportune spots.
But Davis has failed to even do that. Not keeping his head up in the open floor, Davis has been unable to cash in on his opportunity to be a celebrated playmaker in New York. He furthermore, hurts the Knicks, more so than help them, whenever he takes the court.
His level of play simply doesn’t cut it enough to be starting point guard of a playoff team.

Keith Schlosser wrote this after the Celtic game and before the game last night against the Nets.  Keith is right on point with regard to Baron Davis’ performance this season.

Mike Bibby got an opportunity to play extended minutes last night starting for Baron Davis and took advantage of it with 8 points and 8 assists while only turning it over once.  He also played 36 minutes.

In the past two games, Bibby has had 14 assists and only 1 turnover.  Bibby doesn’t try to do too much and plays within his limitations.  He doesn’t over dribble in the half court and quickly moves the ball.  Ball movement is contagious.  He also will let faster players such as Iman Shumpert and JR Smith bring the ball up and if there isn’t an opportunity to get an easy basket, give it back to Bibby to run the set.

Davis has a tendency to dribble too much and not really go anywhere.  By the time he gets rid of it, the receiver of the pass has little time left to shoot it.

Another big issue with Davis has been him penetrating and then turning it over by getting in the air with nowhere to go.  Davis is no threat to finish at the rim, so the opposing defense knows he is going to pass it.  Davis has no lift so it makes it difficult to finish at the rim.

The Knicks can ill afford to give the opposing team extra possessions in the playoffs.  I am interested to see if this is a trend with Bibby or a fluke.  If he keeps playing like this he should get the minutes over Davis.

I am confident Mike Woodson will play the best player based on performance.