Source: Cal Doesn't Need the Money, Committed to UK

What a whirlwind few days especially for New York City basketball the epicenter of the Mike D’Antoni situation and the future landing of one Dwight Howard.

Let’s all take a breath.

Make no mistake, there was a time Howard wanted Brooklyn. He wanted out of Orlando. But as Jarrod Rudolph reported in an exclusive one on one interview with Howard that broke last night, Howard had a change of heart and is staying another year in O Town.

Why his agent would allow him to risk another year of not hitting his final major guaranteed contract is a mystery, but that gives major credence to the fact that this was Howard’s decision and one that deserves respect.

But I’m trying to connect the dots as it relates to the reports that Mike D’Antoni requested a Melo for D-Will trade considering that from what I’m gathering Howard was still ultimately deciding his next move yesterday. But it would seem that Knicks intel was sure of Howard’s steps and thus exploring a deal for the Nets PG.

On the coaching front, the Jackson stuff will be hot and heavy and here’s another nugget as it relates to a name that Knicks fans will be hearing about for sure over the next few weeks.

A source close to John Calipari has informed me that as of right now the Kentucky coach has zero interest in leaving Lexington even for a higher paycheck. The source indicated that Calipari is telling his inner circle that he’s committed to Kentucky and that he’s already well secured financially.

Will that change if they win the big dance? Good question.

What a whirlwind few days and, oh wait, isn’t today the trade deadline???