Wells Most Impressive In Workout; Joe Alexander Impresses As Well

As TD wrote a couple of days ago, the Knicks held a free agent workout on Thursday and Friday which gave 17 players the chance to showcase themselves to Knicks brass.  From most reports that I have read, Wells was the most impressive player in the group.

For those of you who do not remember Wells, he was an outspoken, but valuable member of the early 2000’s Portland teams.  He was explosive both on and off the court.  As far as I remember, Wells was not great at anything in particular, but rather he was simply an overall solid basketball player.  His skills, if they are still in tact, are the skills that would be attractive for a team with players like Chauncey Billups, Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire.  He could shoot the ball with range, handle the ball and defend.  More importantly, he is not the type of player who would shy away from the pressures that will come with playing on a high profile Knicks team.  He is definitely an interesting name to keep an eye on if the pending lockout comes to pass.

Also, Alan Hahn also tweeted that Joe Alexander put forth a strong showing. If you remember, Alexander was a player that the Knicks reportedly were interested in drafting with their 6th pick in 2008.  The Knicks went with Danilo Gallinari instead.  Alexander starred at WVU and was stellar in Big East play during his final collegiate season.  Known for his elite athletic ability, Alexander was regarded as a surefire quality pro.  I am not really sure where he went wrong.  I did have a chance to see Alexander play some D-League games this season though.  At first glance, he looked like he filled out his body a little bit.  His athleticism was still there, but he appeared to play a much more interior based game than the perimeter game I remember him having in college.  In other terms, he looked more the part of a 4 than he did a 3. Alexander was a 1st team All-NBDL player this year and was in the mix for the league’s MVP.  He has also been a buy-low prospect who has been highlighted on this site for a while due to his disappointing stint in Milwaukee.