Yahoo: Melo Likes Houston; Denver Post: Clips In Mix?

AW over at Yahoo Sports cites a source that believes that Melo’s desire to play in NY is overstated and that he is in fact more interested in playing in Houston.  From Yahoo:

“Anthony has hesitated to sign a three-year, $65 million extension and expressed intrigue with opting out of his contract next summer to become a free agent. Despite significant speculation the New York Knicks are the team that Anthony would most likely want to join, two sources close to him insisted the Knicks have been overstated as an object of his desire. Privately, Anthony has expressed more enthusiasm over joining the Houston Rockets than the Knicks, sources said.”

Houston is a real possibility in the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes if such sweepstakes ever take place.  As Knicks’ fans know, the Rockets have a lot of assets, including youth and future draft picks.  Some of those assets are former Knicks assets.

Also, another team that can jump into the mix might be the LA Clippers.  According to the Denver Post:

“Meanwhile, if the Nuggets cannot convince to sign an extension with the team and they decide to trade him at some point, could it be to the Los Angeles Clippers? I’m hearing it could be a possibility. It would get both he and his wife, La La, out to where entertainment opportunities are plentiful, which is key factor in their decision to want to move on. The Nuggets might be able to get a good young player or two or draft picks, and Anthony would be able to play on a team with some good up-and-coming talent.”

In my opinion, the Clippers might be able to offer the best package for Carmelo Anthony if they were to package Chris Kaman in a deal.  The Nuggets are desperate for big men and Kaman is an all-star center.  Would giving up Kaman and say Eric Gordon be too much for the Clippers to give away?  For a top 10 talent and for a franchise that has been in the dumps for years, passing on Melo would be a tough pill to swallow.  That is of course if he would consent to an extension of course.