TKB Radio Recap With Mike James

In case you missed TKB Radio last night with Anthony “Rice Balls”, check it out by clicking on the TKB Radio player to the right or simply go here.

On the show, Anthony had a special, PG Mike James formerly of the Washington Wizards and Houston Rockets, among other teams.  James, a New York native, is going to be a free agent this summer, in a summer during which Donnie Walsh will certainly be looking for backcourt help.

I have always liked Mike James’ fearlessness on the court and his ability to hit shots.  He has been in the playoffs during his career and he certainly has confidence.

In the interview (near the end of the show), Mike James talks about the turmoil that existed in Washington last year.  James talks about the Arenas debacle, as well as how Flip Saunders was not the right coach for the job.  Surprisingly, James also spoke about how he was told by the franchise to stay home for road trips. 

A few tidbits that I liked included his quote on how he is always the first one in the gym and the last one to leave (he said that he was actually in the gym during the interview).  He also spoke about how he tries to be a contributor to the greater community.  Most importantly, he said that he would love to rock the blue and orange next season.

Perhaps Donnie Walsh will give James a call and give him a shot to revive his career in New York.  This team can use shooters, and James for his career has shot nearly 38% from beyond the arc.  James is more of a scorer than a distributor, and Rafer Alston, another NY native and veteran free agent point guard, is more of a distributor than a scorer.  Walsh will likely not go into this season without depth at the point, and perhaps he will give either James or Alston a call to try and fill out this roster.