Don't Overreact

Now I’m not justifying an inexcusable loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, but as Knick fans we tend to be fickle; Knick fans went from bashing Donnie Walsh giving Chris Duhon the full MLE to praising his poised play and leadership in about two weeks.  So it is necessary to trust in our management; Walsh has done nothing but wonders since coming here, and be patient while watching the growth and maturation of this young team.  We need to understand that Mike D’Antoni is implementing a system, and with time and the right players success will come.  Wilson Chandler’s inconsistency can be frustrating, but he’s 21 years old.  He’s averaging 15 and 6 at this point, imagine those numbers at 25 and during his prime.  Nate Robinson has made huge strides in being a more composed player, and he has made a noticeable attempt and limiting his recklessness.  But other than some tough games, he’s been great for the Knicks this year.  If you dislike the pace at which Donnie Walsh does things, there’s something wrong.  Knick fans are eager for success, and rightfully so, we’ve watched too much failure, but Donnie Walsh is the polar opposite of Isiah Thomas.  Thomas constantly reverted to the “quick fix,” and his methodologies failed miserably.  Walsh is not impulsive, and he assesses his potential moves before making them.

And to address the notion that the you can’t win a championship in Mike D’Antoni’s sytem, it’s erroneous.  If the system is run by Lebron James, Amare Stoudamire, Wilson Chandler, and Ricky Rubio, the Knicks can win a championship.  Walsh is working towards bringing in the personnel in which Mike D’Antoni’s system can flourish, but Knick fans have to be patient and realize that a plan is being implemented.  Slowly, but surely.