ESPN: Sources say Blazers Want to Upgrade at PG

Via Chris Sheridan:

“…Some sources, while cautioning against Portland’s proclivity for subterfuge, are saying the Blazers covet a point guard upgrade from Steve Blake more than they covet a small forward upgrade from Nicolas Batum. If that’s the case, they might decide to swing an uneven trade, salary-wise, in which they use their cap space to bring in a top-tier point guard rather than Turkoglu or another small forward…”

Ya don’t say…

Also, seen a lot of these Shaq-to-Cleveland rumors, and another one that says the Cavs might look to the Clippers to bring in a big and that sounds an awful lot like Zach Randolph.

Oh man.

But as far as Shaq goes, talk about desperate. What would the Diesel give Lebron? A chance to guard Howard or KG? Not really. The guy is almost running on fumes and it would hard to imagine that he’d put the over the top.

Cavs management is clearly lost. What’s next signing John Salley to a 10-day contract after he’s done on “I’m a celebrity…?”