Fan Trade Thread

As always we urge that you the fans submit your thoughts on the Knicks to Our boy Mucha sent me the following, and I’ve seen Dallas as a potential trade partner as well. His thoughts make sense.

“…What’s good TD?

Hey I think this is worth discussing – tell me what you think about it. A trade thread would be interesting in my opinion.

According to ESPN « The New York Knicks are using $53 million as their operating number »

Danilo Gallinari : $3.304 million

Jordan Hill : $2.669 million

Toney Douglas : $1.071 million

Wilson Chandler : $2.130 million
Jared Jeffries : $6.883 million

Eddy Curry : $11.276 million
David Lee’s caphold : $10.5 million

Payroll = $37.833 million

Remaining capspace : $15.167 million

LeBron James : $15.9 million (30% of the total salary cap)

The Knicks will not have enough capspace to retain David Lee’s rights. Hate it or love it, the LeBron sweepstakes are the priority regardless. The Knicks will lose David Lee for nothing if they can’t get rid of Jared Jeffries or Eddy Curry so why not trade Lee with Jeffries or Curry in a major salary dump considering that his trade value is high?

The best trade partners might be the Dallas Mavericks. Why? 1. They want to win now 2. Josh Howard (who’s not playing particularly well) has a great contract 3. They will not have enough capspace to sign significant free agents in 2010 4. David Lee will not veto any trade to the Mavericks because they’ll make the playoffs 5. Mark Cuban is willing to spend. Perfect.

David Lee, Marcus Landry and Eddy Curry for Josh Howard and Drew Gooden?

David Lee, Jared Jeffries and Marcus Landry for Josh Howard?

Al Harrington and Jared Jeffries for Josh Howard, Drew Gooden and Quinton Ross (BiggieSmalls)?

Thoughts? Feel free to submit your own below…