Knicks Waive Cuttino Mobley

Via Marc Stein’s Twitter:

“All 30 NBA teams have been notified by official league memo that the Knicks have waived guard Cuttino Mobley”

“Mobley release will save Knicks roughly $9.5 million in luxury-tax payments, reducing their tax bill in July to $5 million range”

“Mobley release also reduces rebate check teams get for staying under NBA’s $69.9 million luxury-tax threshhold from $4 mil to $3.7 mil”

Jaden Comeaux
Jaden Comeaux

I was going to post a comment, but after reading "genosguy's" post, I forgot what I was going to say!?!


Good posting---Thanks.   But Geno as a Political Science Major??  From his political stances in public, one would think he had no idea of the American Political system or the Constitution.

But he's a coach and a great one, maybe we can forgive him "my mother doesn't have a pix ID"

She doesn't have a Passport?? Want to bet??

The new kids on the team are expected to step into the shoes of the lately departed greats--notice, everyone who just departed is great--Stokes, Saniya, Nurse, Courtney, Edwards, Gabby, KML, MoJeff, Stewie, Tuck, Lawlor, Pulido are expected to contribute against West Chester and not screw up.  Best of luck to Geno and the team.