Rest Assured Knick Fans Who hated the Crawford-for-Al Harrington Thought…

According to Tim Kawakami of the Mercury News, Harrington probably won’t be traded.

“The Warriors WILL NOT get a great deal in their semi-efforts to test the trade market for much-maligned forward Al Harrington, so they will keep him.

Harrington probably wants out. Don Nelson is probably very willing to explore that thought. His three-point shooting and size probably is attractive to a team or two out there. He has an OK contract with an opt-out next summer.

That’s why every decent piece of Warriors trade gossip that did not include Baron, and every good one after Baron’s departure, has included Harrington–Chauncey Billups, sign-and-trades for Emeka Okafor or Josh Smith, etc., etc.

But wait: Harrington isn’t valuable enough to get Billups or  Okafor in return. He’s just not. He’s valuable in a salary dump and not a bunch more.

Remember, Marcus Camby is older and makes slightly more (counting bonuses), but is a much better player than Harrington, and yet all Denver could get for him was the chance of switching future No. 2s with the Clippers.

That ain’t exactly the same as getting Okafor or Billups, is it? And that’s for Camby, a 13-per-game rebounder last season. And a 3-blocks-per-game guy.

I’ve thrown out Al’s name myself, so I do admit some guilt here. But if you remember, I’ve tossed him out as a straight salary switcheroo: e.g. to the Knicks for the longer-term money of Crawford.

Two problems with something like that: The Knicks like Crawford enough to keep his money around (for a little while at least) and the Warriors aren’t too keen on giving Harrington away, though getting Crawford would be an upgrade.”

Tim has a thing for Crawford, yet it’s interestng that he feels the Warriors won’t pick up Marbury should he be released because the thought of Monta Ellis and Steph in the backcourt makes his “head pound.”

I’m not sure how well Ellis and the defensively allergic Crawford would mesh. That could equal pass the advil.

Needless to say I took some serious heat for wanting Harrington, who I compared to a less athletic Amare. Yes, that’s aggressive, and yes I’ve seen them both play, I just really feel that Harrington is a D’Antoni forward who would excell under him. And, yes losing Crawford hurts our backcourt and clutters our front court, but Walsh has 3 months to balance out the roster.