The Knicks Are #1!!

In a report over at the NY Post, it seems that the Knicks have done a top-of-the-line job in setting up the team’s flexibility for the 2010 season.

“In re-signing Lee and Robinson for just one year, the Knicks emerge from the offseason with a league-best $21 million in cap room to spend on 2010’s free-agent class. The Knicks will need to be at least $16 million under to offer LeBron James the maximum contract next July 1.

“We have the most room in the league,” Walsh said. “That’s good. We’re No. 1.”

We still have a 2009 season to play, right?

Whether or not you are a fan of DW’s master plan, it is great news to hear that something is going right in Knicks-land these days.  While there is no doubt that the other under-the-cap suitors will be in serious play next summer as well, being #1 in this category should have its dividends.

Considering Walsh has been targeting next summer as “the first day of the rest of the Knicks’ life” since the day he was hired, I trust him to use this flexibility in a smart and savvy way.