Give Zone a Shot?

Via Big C

Now that the Knicks acquired more defensive players, who are willing to play defense, you have to ask why zone defense isn’t in the  Knicks plans this year. The Knicks have only attempted to apply the 3-2 zone defense a few times. It’s almost as if Mike D’Antoni has given up on the zone now that he is without Jared Jeffries, who was the Knicks main catalyst in the zone defense.

At this point I like what the Knicks are doing. However I think Mike D’Antoni needs to bring back the 3-2 zone defensive when they are playing teams that play 1-on-1, and are heavy on  isolation plays. The Knicks definitely have the personnel to be successful at playing the 3-2 zone defense.

The Knicks got caught on a few too many rotations yesterday and after losing Ronny Turiaf they were forced to help deep in the post. When that happens guards can bury themselves in the corners for open shots and Mike Bibby, Mo Evans and Jamal Crawford made them pay.

Al Horford also benefited by slipping up to the foul line for easy 12 footers.

The Knicks need to be sure that their rotations are correct if they are going to have any chance today. I like the idea of a 3-2 look for a few possessions, especially when Charlie V. is on the floor.

The 3-2 allows for offensive rebounds to come from the paint area and the Pistons are an average offensive rebounding team and a terrible defensive rebounding team.